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St. Mary's Registration

St. Mary's Church of Humboldt, Iowa, is a community of God's people.  We strengthen our focus on the Lord through the Gospels and the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.  Through our ministries of liturgy, education and social service, we reach out to all people, as we seek to deepen our union with Jesus Christ. 

Our mission is "Bringing people into a growing relationship with Christ and His One Holy Catholic Church."


Guided by the Holy Spirit, we celebrate in Word and Sacrament, our unity and diversity as the People of God.  As Christians, we accept our role as stewards of the earth and our responsibility to care for one another, to bear one another's burdens and to share one another's joys.

Please print the following PDF forms. Once they are filled out, you can email and scan them to or mail/drop off to:

St. Mary's Parish Office

311 4th St N

Humboldt, IA 50548

Registration Form Page 

Kindergarten Vouchers

St. Mary’s Parish and the St. Mary School Board would like to show support for Catholic education at St. Mary School. Baptized members of St. Mary’s Parish receive annual gift vouchers of $25 to be used toward their Kindergarten tuition at St. Mary School.

The voucher program began with children born and Baptized in 2015. Vouchers are given beginning at Baptism or when your family joined St. Mary’s Parish. Children receive vouchers each year on his or her birthday until he or she turns five years old and enters Kindergarten.


For more information, please call the Parish Office. Thank you for investing in a St. Mary School Catholic education!

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