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Our Ministries

Extraordinary Ministers

of Holy Communion

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist the ordained clergy (bishops, priests, and deacons who are the ordinary ministers of Holy Communion) in distributing the Eucharist to the faithful during liturgies.


Lectors proclaim the word of God to the assembly and, in the absence of a deacon, also present the assembly’s prayers and petitions to God during liturgies.



Altar Servers assist the priest in the sanctuary, especially during the Eucharistic liturgy but also during other forms of prayer and worship.​



Gift Bearers represent the community when they bring the gifts of bread and wine (which represent the sacrifices and labors of those gathered) to the altar during a Eucharistic liturgy.


Ushers, with a sense of liturgical prayer and a gift for hospitality, assist people in finding seats prior to worship, care for needs arising during the liturgy, and assist in collecting the people’s offerings during the Preparation of the Gifts.

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