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Saint John Church

Gilmore City, Iowa

308 Southwest E. Avenue, Gilmore City, IA

History Of Saint John Church

St. John Church was built in 1889. Prior to that time Fr. Matthew Nortan from the rectory of St. Patricks on the Lizard celebrated masses in log cabin homes of the Catholic pioneers. Fr. Timothy Sullivan was appointed the first resident pastor on July 1, 1889. He was succeeded by Fr. Steven Butler. Under Fr. Butler’s leadership the congregation grew rapidly. The church was renovated, and a brick rectory was built.

Priests ordained from St. John Parish were Fr. M.B. Murray, 1898; Fr. Edward A. Dunn, 1918; and Fr. Thomas Hart, 1974. Women entering the religious life were Sr. Mary Teresa Dunn, Sr. Mary Muriel Ford, 

Sr. Mary Mercedes Rapp, Sr. Mary Barbara Telfer, Sr. Mary Pauline Rogers, and Sr. Mary Joseph Donnelly.


St. John offered Catholic school education from 1911 until 1971. The nuns from the Order of Servants of Mary served the parish.

These Pastors Have
Served St. John
Rev. Timothy D. Sullivan
Rev. Joseph T. Finnegan
Rev. Robert Joynt
Rev. Edmond Adams
Rev. J. Charles Yetmar
Rev. Anthony P. Pick
Rev. Stephan
Rev. Hugh
Rev. Clement
Rev. John F.
Rev. Gerald
Rev. Dale E.
Rev. J.G. Murtagh
Rev. Herbert Hermsen
Rev. George Schumacher
Rev. Eugene Schumacher
Rev. Jerome A. Degen
Rev. Rich
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